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I am an experienced pharmacist (over 20 years) having worked mainly in community pharmacy then completed IP course and gained experience in GP practice and now working in a ICB working with primary and secondary care on formulary guidelines and medicines access. Is it realistic for me to be able to transition straight away into a market access role or medical affairs role? Or should I be looking at MSL role to transition to?

3 months ago
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I have over 20 years experience as a pharmacist. Mainly in community working as a high level manager on several projects. I then completed my IP course and gained experience in GP practice and currently work as a senior pharmacist advisor in ICB. This has allowed me to work with HCPs in primary and secondary care to improve access to meds and formulary applications. Realistically is it possible for me to now transition to pharma in a market access role or med affairs role or should I only be looking at MSL roles?

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