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Moving to a commercial or medical role

9 months ago
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I’m got extensive experience in the NHS and would like to move into the pharmaceutical industry. I don’t know if either a commercial or medical role would suit best. Does anyone who has made the jump have any tips please? All advice appreciated!

PharmAffinity Forum: Moving to a commercial or medical role

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PharmAffinity Forum: Moving to a commercial or medical role


I would say it depends on what you would like from a role. There are entry level commercial roles which tend to be in sales and marketing and there are entry level medical roles such as an MSL, taking a look at job descriptions could be a good place to start. But as with anything when you move into a different industry understanding your skills and knowledge gap is essential. 

Medical roles are non promotional and focus on therapy area and clinical studies.Commercial roles are promotional and focus on the profit and loss. Both roles require commercial accumen and a the ability to develop an effective strategy but commercial tends to drive the strategy for the product. 

In terms of career progression both offer a lot of scope for development. Occasionally in some companies if you are in medical and not a registered physician their can be a glass ceiling and so I have seen some people who are pharmacists and PhDs move into the commercial space to progress their careers.



Answered 9 months ago
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