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Qualifications required for medical affairs

9 months ago
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What qualifications do you need to work in medical affairs?

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PharmAffinity Forum: Qualifications required for medical affairs

For medical affairs, the key thing is  a scientific background 

For medical advisor (and more senior)  roles you need to be a registered pharmacist or a registered physician, these are necessary to become an ABPI signatory

There are Scientific Advisor or  medical scientific liaison  (MSL) roles where a life sciences degree or PhD is needed.

Ravi Pawa
Answered 9 months ago

Can you be a medical advisor without becoming a signatory?

9 months ago

Yes it is possible to be a medical advisor and not be a final signatory. Some companies prefer their medical advisors to be signatories and others prefer them not be!

9 months ago
Gina Bariah
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